Aquasia Enhanced Credit Fund

Launched:  October 2011
Target Return:  Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index + 3%
Investment Horizon:  2 to 5 years
Distribution:  Paid quarterly
Applications / Redemptions:  Monthly
APIR Code: AQU8075AU

The Fund invests in a range of fixed-income, credit, cash and cash-equivalent assets. The Fund targets a return in excess of Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index plus 3% and suits investors who are looking for regular income distributions with some potential for capital gains. The Fund is for Wholesale Clients only and is most suited to investors who have an investment horizon of two to five years. 

Aquasia Pty Ltd ("Aquasia") continues to see good investment opportunities in today's credit and fixed-income markets generally, with opportunities to enhance returns through the acquisition of assets from financial institutions or sellers disposing of quality financial assets or portfolios for strategic reasons or to restructure their assets to satisfy prudential requirements.

The Aquasia team has extensive experience in the credit and fixed-income markets which gives it a strong understanding of market dynamics and the changes taking place in the regulatory environment. Further, Aquasia's wide network of contacts within the financial community means it is able to identify suitable fixed-income and credit asset opportunities for the Fund.

For more information and a copy of the Information Memorandum, please contact Stuart Richardson on +612 8061 4832 or email >