Aquasia Enhanced Credit Fund

Latest NAV:  February 2018  $1.1387
IRR Since Inception:  7.45%
Trailing 12 Month IRR:  6.24%

The Aquasia Enhanced Credit Fund is a credit and fixed income fund with a target return of the UBS Australian Bank Bill Index plus 3% (after management fees and expenses). The Fund will suit investors who are looking for regular income distributions with some potential for capital gains. The Fund is for Wholesale Clients only and is most suited to investors who have an investment horizon of two to five years.

The Fund invests in a range of credit, fixed-income, cash and cash-equivalent assets. 

Investments are sourced from Aquasia’s wide network of contacts and will be added to the Fund’s portfolio if, in Aquasia’s view, they provide the appropriate risk/return profile for the Fund. Aquasia will access attractively-priced assets from various sources, including banks disposing of businesses or assets for strategic reasons, banks and other investors selling assets for the purpose of managing capital as prudential rules change, receivers selling portfolios of financial assets, Aquasia’s own origination function and the inter-dealer secondary market.

Aquasia intends that at least 50% of the Fund will be invested in assets that are rated at a minimum Baa3 or BBB- by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s respectively (‘Investment Grade’).

The Net Asset Value of the Fund will be calculated in accordance with the Constitution at the close of the market on the last Business Day of each month. The issue price for new units will be the unit NAV plus the buy spread (currently 0.20%).