Aquasia 157

FORGET NEO-BANKS: Introducing Australia’s New Leading Lenders

Non-bank lenders are offering borrowers a compelling alternative and investors a handsome premium. Australia is leading the way when it comes to the strength and ...
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Aquasia 139

Seasons in the sun: Seasonality in rising mortgage arrears

Residential mortgage arrears numbers have become a popular topic for the Australian media. In the wake of the RBA’s sharp cycle of interest rates hikes, ...
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Aquasia 186

An introduction to securitisation

Executive Summary The Australian securitisation market has evolved significantly over the years. Once an obscure corner of debt security issuance, securitisation has become an important ...
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Aquasia 185 1600

Why the “Big Short” doesn’t work on Australian RMBS

What would it take to break the Australian version of the bonds that caused the GFC… When Paramount acquired the film rights to Michael Lewis’ ...
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Aquasia 146 1600

Not all private credit is created equal: How to pick the winners and avoid the losers

How can investors distinguish between fund offerings in the ever expanding universe of private credit? In Australia, private debt assets under management have grown at ...
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