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As a consequence of regulatory reform confronting the banking sector, Aquasia is observing a number of opportunities to participate in the private debt financing of business activities in Australia and potentially, internationally.

The Aquasia Private Investment Fund will invest in various specialty lending products and private market debt by way of senior and mezzanine loans, convertible notes and fixed income instruments.

The Aquasia Private Investment Fund is designed for investors who wish to have exposure to such assets and who are looking for returns above 10%p.a. with some limited potential for capital gains. Given the expected illiquidity of the Fund’s assets, the Fund is most suited for investors who have an investment horizon of three to five years.


May 2024 1 Mth 3 Mth YTD 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr SI3
Fund Return2 1.25% 3.70% 6.51% 14.13% 9.91% 10.13% 10.15%

1. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

2. Fund returns are net of fees and assume reinvestment of distributions. 

3. Since inception performance is the net return per annum since the establishment of the Fund in April, 2018.

4. Target return is 10% (net of fees).



APIR Code: AQU3695AU
Inception: April 2018
Investor Class: Wholesale Clients only (Australia and New Zealand)
Sector: Alternatives
Investment Objective: To preserve capital and achieve returns over the medium term in excess of the Target Return
Investment Strategy: The Fund invests in private debt and credit assets and other financing opportunities . across a range of sectors, primarily with Australian businesses. Investments are mainly illiquid assets
Types of Investments: Includes private market debt lending, real estate, opportunistic credit and convertible notes. Predominantly unrated and unlisted A$ denominated investments
Target Return: 10%p.a. (net of fees)
Platform Availability: Netwealth, Hub24, Mason Stevens, Macquarie Wrap, Powerwrap / Praemium, Ausmaq / Clearstream


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