Aquasia’s Corporate Advisory business has established a reputation for providing innovative, bespoke and effective solutions. We offer clients trusted and truly independent advisory services across a range of specialisations, including:

Mergers and Acquisitions, and Strategic Advice
Acquisitions and mergers, divestments and demergers, dual track processes, joint ventures, industry analysis, valuation, corporate negotiations and dispute resolutions.

Debt Capital Markets
Structuring, negotiation, execution advice and management for both the full suite of debt capital market products (domestic and international loans, bonds, private placements, mezzanine / subordinated)

Equity Capital Markets
Equity and equity-linked products including Initial Public Offerings, secondary issues, hybrids, convertible bonds, DRPs, capital returns, investor relations).

Structured Products
Interest rate, cross currency, credit and inflation derivatives, risk management policy / strategy, pricing and execution protocols.

Capital Management
Optimal capital structure analysis, credit rating advisory, rating agency assistance and negotiation, liquidity analysis, financing strategy.